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SPI Hamburg Spare Part International GmbH
is your reliable source for almost all types and kinds of ship spares and marine systems. We are an international supplier delivering goods and services to firms operating in the maritime industrial sector. Our company was established in March 2010. Our partners, coming from various ship management backgrounds, established a good cooperation to create dynamic and professionally dedicated teams to render a vast variety of procurement services.

Our dedicated teams enjoy more than 15 years of experience on maritime industry, as well as in-depth knowledge and know-how regarding market prices of technical equipments, spare parts and marine systems. Our colleagues are true experts in all aspects of logistics and well qualified to search worldwide range of products to support our purchasing facilities.

Our main customers are ship owners, ship management companies, yacht builders, shipyards, repair teams, power plants and offshore operators. All of our customers know that buying spare parts from SEI is a unique experience, much different from buying products through regular distributors. We can provide complete service throughout your purchasing steps.

We can definitely offer,

Highly competitive prices,

Wide range of products availability at our stocks,

Fast and excellent delivery services and

Centralization of your spare parts (we can combine your spare parts deliveries in our Hamburg Store and ship them either via air, truck or sea freight all at once with no storage cost, further reducing your custom-clearance dues and agency cost for each shipment)

We, SPI Hamburg Spare Part International GmbH , are willing to serve you with our knowledge and experience on all aspects of logistics together with qualification to offer and search wide range of products. With our experienced staff we will always do our utmost to solve your purchasing requirements or any problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you may have and feel free to give us a try.

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